One of the key REASONS people choose coaching is the ACCOUNTABILITY framework. You’re looking for RESULTS and I want to DELIVER value. Here’s what MY CLIENTS have to say about the RESULTS they’ve REALIZED from our coaching relationship…

“Working with Stephanie is a truly life altering experience.
I have a business degree and yet my time with Stephanie has been far more valuable
in navigating the business and entrepreneurial world.
She worked with me to figure out what I truly wanted and to create an action plan to get there.
In three months, I have accomplished more with Stephanie than I did in three years working on my business alone.
– Dr. Laura Crawford, ND


Stephanie has a strong corporate background, plus she is energetic, curious and patient.
It was a relaxed experience, yet had a structure to it that pushed me forward.
The output of the coaching drove my career decision.”
– Emily Green


“The coaching experience with Stephanie opened up a dialogue
about what I wanted from my career.
Through the coaching, I went from internal dialogue and inaction
to working through a process that led me
to take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.

– Scott Harvey


Stephanie helped me look at things in a new way
and we worked through practical strategies for challenges I was facing.
This has helped me embrace new opportunities in my career,
and not just feel more confident doing so, but feel more confident that I am deserving
of my success and that I bring value to the world through my work.”  – Victoria Cooper


Working with Stephanie has been truly valuable for me.
She is knowledgeable, objective and listens deeply.
We immediately had a connection and after only a few sessions,
it felt like she had known me for years.
I have developed increased awareness of my strengths and I have confidence in the strategies
to continue to develop my leadership capabilities.
I definitely consider my coaching relationship with Stephanie as an asset to my career.
– Robyn Widenmaier


“Thanks to Stephanie’s invaluable support,
I was not only able to take my career in new directions
I also gained a richer understanding of what I have to offer
and what I need to feel happy, confident and successful.
By asking the right questions
and providing great guidance, she has helped foster a clarity
and sense of purpose I’d always wanted in my life.

– Jason