This New Year’s, trade in the resolutions for dream lists and (fun) action plans

The eve. This is my favourite night of the year. This statement usually elicits eye rolls and groans from those around me – with many stories of overpriced dinner menus, long wait times for cabs, line ups, and disappointment about expectations not met. I have three guidelines for my New Year’s Eve plans and activities:

  1. Do something that I wouldn’t do any other night of the year. This avoids disappointment or the “wow, if I’d done this next Tuesday, it would have cost me half as much” regret.
  2. I never do the same thing twice. Either the people, the activity, or the location have to change every year.
  3. I spend the day reflecting, honouring, and celebrating the past year.

The third guideline is quite possibly the most important. When I meet with my coaching clients, we usually start the call recapping and checking in on their commitments from the last call – we celebrate progress against goals, and honour what they’ve accomplished in the time between calls. It’s an accountability check-in and a celebration. It anchors in what’s working well, keeps the momentum going on their goals, and allows time to really savour the journey.

This is my New Year’s Eve, multiplied by about 100. It’s a day dedicated to taking stock of all that was in the past year, and celebrating all of it – the accomplishments, the missteps, the lessons, the detours, the surprises, and the fun. How did I start the year – who was I then? And how have I evolved since then? What am I most proud of? Where have I experienced great growth and success? And where have I stalled? Where have I failed and what did I learn? Savouring and celebrating 2015 is what today is all about.

And then the clock strikes midnight, and a new year begins. New Years Day. My favourite day of the year. This year, I’ll be hosting a group of incredibly inspiring women as we chat about our big, bold dreams and 5 year plans. There will be prosecco and green juice, post-its and coloured markers. There will be laughter and support, and nudging to push our dreams to the edge of our comfort zones.

These aren’t your typical resolutions. These are dreams and plans. Dreams that excite us, plans that we can’t wait to implement, timelines that are realistic and do-able. This New Year’s, I challenge you to trade in the resolutions for a list of dream items. What to you most want for yourself, and your loved ones, over the next 5 years? What are some fun activities, starting tomorrow, that can start to nudge you in the direction of those dreams?

I’d love to hear what’s on your dream list! Share here in the comments or over on the Facebook page, or email me directly. And, if you’d like to dive deeper, sign up for the Catalyst newsletter, my free monthly(ish) newsletter where we talk about books, resources, and accountability activities to keep you moving forward on your goals.

And…Happy New Year!

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