Finding, and staying in, heart-centered action (yes, it’s possible)

My good friend Erin and I were sitting and chatting about our respective business passions a few months ago – for her, it’s yoga and for me, it’s coaching. At one point, she turned to me and said, “think about how pure and strong your mind feels when you leave a yoga class – but how quickly you can get into a case of road rage as you drive home.”

Yeah that. Those glimpses we have of feeling pure, strong, centered, joyful and totally connected to what matters to us. I have those moments on my morning walks; when jumping around with my nephew; and after a coaching-intensive weekend. My heart actually feels full, time moves more slowly and gracefully, and for those moments (sometimes only minutes), I experience pure joy. Can you relate?

And then, just like that – boom – life happens and you are swept away in the drama, the emergency, the frustration, the overwhelm – your own, or other people’s.

As we chatted, Erin and I started brainstorming, how can you deliberately find, and hold on to, that feeling?

I spoke about how much more powerful the coaching process is when clients and I can channel that heart-centered, joyful place, and approach their decisions, plans, accountability and action from that place. Erin spoke about Sankalpa, which is the Sanskrit word for a vow or commitment we make to support our highest truth – our purpose for being on this planet at this time. A Sankalpa helps us ground ourselves to our journey and true purpose. Erin explained to me that Sankalpa doesn’t evolve from the intellectual mind, but instead from deep inside of us – our deepest truth, our authentic self. When we live in alignment with our authentic self, our Sankalpa unfolds naturally.

From here, our workshop, Unlock Your Most Beautiful Life: Sankalpa in Action was born. Erin and I are bringing the movement of yoga together with the powerful action and accountability framework of the coaching process to bring you to a place of magic: where you can access this heart-centered place, and create a plan to keep your Sankalpa closer to the forefront of your awareness as you move back out into the world. This will ground and support you in taking heart-centered action long after the workshop ends.

Whether you are new to coaching or to yoga, or well versed in both, we’ve structured the workshop for all experience levels. Interested in joining us on October 25th? Please note that workshops are not available for drop-in, so you need to sign up ahead of time to attend – to register, click here:

Unable to attend? Stay tuned. In my next post, I’ll share some tips on how to access some of this Sankalpa magic on your own. I’d love to hear from you – are there any questions I can answer about the workshop? And as of now, start paying attention to those moments you experience of joy, connection, and clarity. When do you feel it? Snap a pic and share your experience in the Navigate with Intention Facebook community, or on Instagram, #mysankalpa @navigatewithintention

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