Life’s a climb…what mountain are you scaling?

When I passed this message on the sidewalk in my neighbourhood, I was immediately reminded of that saying (often delivered in difficult times, or in response to “why is this so HARD?”): Well, who ever said life was meant to be easy?

No doubt, in life, there is a climb. How prepared, energized, and fulfilled you feel on the trek, though, may very well depend on the proverbial mountain you’re scaling. The mountain in this case is the life vision that you are striving for right now: that house purchase, the promotion, possible career change, finding your partner, re-connecting with your partner, navigating your relationships, raising happy and healthy children, completing that iron man challenge…

Your mountain trek is your life, and it comes with resting points, guides, flat spaces, steep inclines, and decision points. Do you continue to summit? Or return to base camp? Do you sleep now, or power forward? Strengthen or slacken the harness?

If you feel challenged on the climb right now, sit back and reflect: what feels like an upward trek right now? And, then, with that in mind, consider which of these scenarios best applies (and once you have, I’d love to hear what you discover. Share in the comments, or over on the Facebook page, or email me):

Scenario 1: I’m climbing someone else’s mountain

When you consider what you’re striving for, is it your own voice pushing you forward? Or is it someone else’s? Are you climbing a mountain someone else chose for you? The fact is, the vast majority of us are. Social norms squeeze us into some very tight boxes sometimes. Choosing life on your own terms may be the most courageous decision you ever make. If you are currently in this scenario, my request of you is this: write out a schedule for one ideal day – from the moment you wake up, to the moment you close your eyes to sleep. Schedule that one day and live it.

Scenario 2: I chose this mountain, but it doesn’t feel like the right one anymore

When you reflect on where you’re heading, are you excited? Is the excitement here, now, today? Or is it excitement from earlier days when you began this trek? If you’re being truly honest with yourself, is this the summit you want to scale? This can be a scary place: but I already told people I was going to do this! But I’ve invested so much money! [insert whatever your inner critic has to say here]. Sometimes the most courageous decision is to say: this path is not for me anymore; it’s time to course correct. If you are currently in this scenario, my request of you is this: write out everything you learned on this path, all the skills you acquired, the people you met. Read it over and ask yourself: what do I most want to experience next?

Scenario 3: I so want to summit this mountain, but I’m staring down a crevasse – it’s pretty darn terrifying

As you reflect on your life path, yep! This is it! You feel aligned with where you’re heading. Except for….this giant obstacle in front of you. It’s time to actually take a leap and you’re terrified. Or you just had a disappointing blow to your plans. You got a “no” instead of a “yes”. If this scenario feels most like where you’re at, my request of you is this: fast forward 5 years, you’re exactly where you want to be. What advice does this 5-year-wiser you have to offer you right now?

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