In a funk? How to get un-stuck

It’s the same routine every day. The same issues at work. Or the same issues at home. Or both. You’re wanting, craving a change – but too busy putting out fires to actually concentrate on what that next change will be. Or, you may know what that next change is, but are too exhausted to take any meaningful action towards it. Right now, the last thing you feel like doing is scanning job ads, or writing a cover letter, or sitting at the computer and writing, or heading to the gym, or preparing that healthy meal you clipped from a magazine last month….or any of those things you think you should be doing, or that you told yourself you would do.

Enter the guilt, the unhappiness, the overwhelm, the funk. You feel stuck.

So now what? First, consider the big picture change you are craving: a new job? A promotion? Your own business? More balance? Getting in shape? Eating healthier? Jot down that big picture goal (you probably have a pretty good idea of the big picture change you want to make).

Now for the action. I’d like you to start taking a tiny little action in that direction…5 minutes, every day, for the next 2 weeks. Here are some examples:

Wanting to bring more creativity back into your life? Take one picture on your phone every day of something that inspires you. Share it with friends and family.

Looking to make a job change? Find 5 minutes every day to jot down a skill you really hope to develop in your next position, the type of people you’d like to work with, responsibilities you never want to take on again.

Looking to get in shape? Commit to 5 minutes of jumping jacks/sit ups/action on commercial breaks.

Stack of books piling up that you’ve been meaning to read? Read 3 pages in the 5 minutes before bed every night.

You get the idea! The key here is 5 minutes, every day, for two weeks. Something small, do-able, that is nudging you in the direction of that bigger change. In the next blog post, we’ll build on this.

I’d love you to share in the comments below, or on the Navigate with Intention Facebook page, what it is you are going to commit to…a public declaration can work wonders! And if you know someone who is in a funk, forward this post along, and chat with them about what 5-minute action they want to take on.

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