10 Reasons to come to coaching

I often get asked what coaching is all about, and when it makes sense to invest both time and money in a coaching relationship. There are so many great reasons to come to coaching – and the reasons vary as much as the individuals coming to coaching do. Clients I’ve seen have big ambition and big heart – and are looking to make the greatest contribution possible, in all areas of their lives.

I’ve noticed over the years that people who get the most out of coaching are those who are ready to get honest about themselves, are open to change, and commit to the accountability framework that coaching offers.

Here are some of the reasons people in my life have chosen coaching:

    1. They have a vision, a dream, for something specific in their life – but haven’t made as much progress as they’d like (or: the vision feels completely out of reach – yet they can’t stop thinking about it).
    2. They’re contemplating, or in the midst, of a life transition.
    3. They’re looking to step into more responsibility in their career, or have just taken on more responsibility.
    4. They feel stuck, and want to get unstuck.
    5. They have an inner critic (that is annoying at best, destructive at worst) running through their mind – and are ready to shake it.
    6. They’re seeking big or transformative change.
    7. They notice patterns (of behavior, or relationship dynamics) in their life, and want to bust through old patterns and step into some new ones.
    8. They feel unfulfilled –and want to get to the bottom of it and create a different story for their life.
    9. They have elements of all of the above happening all at once, and are looking to navigate these many aspects of their life (spoiler alert: this was the reason I came to coaching 9 years ago).
    10. They want to put some structure and accountability around their life goals to gain momentum in bringing their vision to fruition.

If you have questions about coaching, or want to discuss how coaching might support you in accomplishing your goals, let’s chat. I can’t wait to learn about what you have in store for your life! You can reach me at stephanie {at} navigatewithintention {dot} com.

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